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The Dum Laga Ke Haisha Part 1 In Hindi Dubbed Free Download grangraz

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is a 2015 Indian Hindi romantic comedy filmed by Sharath Kataria and tells about an arranged marriage between a slender guy (Ayushmann . That is, Sanjay Dutt), who is ready to go to great lengths for the sake of the chosen one, and the magnificent woman Indira ( Zakaria), who cannot imagine her life without beauty and glamour. The acquaintance of the heroes began with the fact that the guy accidentally fell under a hot hand and got a heart attack. As a result, his wife called him "bleeding out" and "Mr. Health." Then the student decided to change his image and dress in clothes of the opposite sex. And the woman, to whom he left his wife, resolutely demanded that all family savings be given to her so that she would be happy again. But years later, husband and wife still continue to love each other.
For the Indian audience, the film was a godsend, as he was able to tell about the situation in which the audience found themselves. In response to the fact that their marriage broke up, Indian men blame women for everything and are even ready to endure their betrayals with an unloved person. Young people even agree that a man takes responsibility for his health and the life of his chosen one. And sometimes they cannot forgive their wives for infidelity or leave them alone.
The film premiered on March 5, 2015 in Toronto at TIFF. Already on March 6, the Salt Lake City cinema in Bangalore hosted a screening of the film, which was attended by almost all Bollywood stars.
According to the film's producer, K. L. Bhandari, many critics called the film a "women's romance," however, in his opinion, it has its own style and is not like other Bollywood works. f02ee7bd2b